Sunday, January 16, 2011 | Traditional Islamic Healing & Medicine – Getting to the Heart of Your Matter (Part 2) | Lecture by Hakim Mirza Ilyas al-Kashani | 2:00 – 5:00 PM | Free Admission

This will be a continuation of the TIHM lecture from last fall, aimed at delving deeper into the subject and its practices. If you have not attended the previous lecture, you are still welcome to come. And if you are interested, Ilyas will be offering a lecture similar to the previous one at Yale in CT on January 14th. For more information please look for ‘Traditional Islamic Healing & Medicine’ or TIHM on facebook.

Traditional Islamic Healing and Medicine (TIHM) is the practical application of the Divine and Prophetic knowledge that is concerned with the relevance of illness, suering, health, and well-being in the soul’s journey through life and return to God. The science of TIHM considers the relationships of the Spirit to the subtle body of the soul and the soul to the physical body it inhabits. The study of TIHM is rooted in the practices of the
Islamic tradition that encourage purication of the heart and illumination of the soul. The apprentice only then traverses the stage of the medical technician who is skilled in treatment protocols. The inner work and the outward knowledge are the key elements for transformation into a true healer-physician. While the science of TIHM can be studied and learned, the art of TIHM is the Divine grace and inspiration that only ows through the hearts of those who approach God with sincerity and humility. As a sincere servant of God, the Sublime and Exalted, the practitioner of TIHM is committed to compassionate service to humanity. Join us for this informative presentation of a spiritual medical tradition that is highly relevant to the personal and global challenges of the day.

Hakim Mirza Ilyas al-Kashani (aka Kourosh Kashani) began his training in TIHM at the age of 7, at the hands of his father. His formal education includes degrees in engineering and Chinese Medicine. In 2000, he created the Circle of One –a 501c3 non-prot Center of Traditional Medicine– to serve people in need while staying true to the principle of never turning anyone away who asks for help, regardless of their circumstances. He is currently working on a project on TIHM, with the goals of launching a curriculum of study to train the next generation of healers-physicians; building a TIHM health and education center; and lming a documentary.

For more information please look for ‘Traditional Islamic Healing & Medicine’ or TIHM on facebook.

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