Saturday, April 28, 2012 | NIYAZ: SUFI SONGS OF LOVE | Ahmet Erdogdular Concert | 8 PM | $20 at door | $15 advance tickets online

Ahmet Erdogdular presents an extraordinary selection of classical Sufi music. His unique repertoire is accompanied with authentic instruments, and includes musical forms such as ilahi, naat, kaside, and durak, composed throughout the centuries of Ottoman patronage of arts. This evening is a journey of spirituality through Sufi music.

Ahmet Erdogdular is one of the most important musicians of the new genera- tion in Turkish classical music. He participated in various festivals in Europe, Asia, and the United States performing both Ottoman classical and Sufi music. Studying the Ottoman repertoire and following its style, Ahmet restored from history such vocal classical compositions as kar, beste, naat, and durak to pres- ent. Analyzing the techniques of old masters of Ottoman music, he learned and preserved many of the classical vocal improvisational forms including gazel and kaside. Starting at an early age with his father, neyzen Omer Erdogdular, he continued his musical development with the guidance of the renowned musician Niyazi Sayin.

*all proceeds from this event will go to the musicians.

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