Wednesday, November 9, 2011 | Special Event: A Conversation between Lorna Byrne and the Islamic Community | 7:00 – 10:00 pm | $10

Please join us for a unique opportunity to meet Lorna Byrne, an Irish mystic, in conversation with Islamic leaders at this special event.

Born in Ireland, Lorna Byrne grew up in a Catholic family, and since a young age began having direct communication with angelic beings. She sees and speaks with angels every day and has done so her entire life. These experiences opened her heart to a deeper perception of the truth beyond the boundaries of religion. Lorna is a bestselling author who has travelled extensively bringing her message of faith to communities worldwide. Professor Tariq Ramadan nominated her book, Angels in My Hair,” as his book of the year in American Foreign policy magazine.

Recently Lorna has become very interested in dialoguing with Islamic leaders. This desire to meet Muslims was prompted by several experiences, one of which occurred when she saw, for the first time, a picture of Mecca and was spiritually transported by God to the Kaaba. Her experience of Mecca and of praying with Muslims has lead to Lorna’s quest to meet with Muslims from all communities. This longing was further confirmed after a second experience of meeting a young man whom she says is the holiest man living today. She confirms that this man is Muslim and will have a great role to play in the future.

During one of her travels Lorna attended a Dhikr session at Masjid al-Farah and as a result we are blessed to be hosting her a second time. We would like to welcome you to meet Lorna and take part in a dialogue with her about our faith. We feel that this dialogue could be very fruitful for the Islamic community.

Lorna says that one of the potential futures of humankind is that all countries, religions and people will come under one umbrella together and she prays for this future. Please join us in praying for this future with her.

Ticket Price: $10.00 (there are limited seats available for this event)

Masjid al-Farah is committed to bringing the living tradition of Holy Quran and the Prophet Muhammad and his heirs, Peace be upon them, to the west. We base our practice on the interpretation given by the authentic inheritors of the Prophet in the vast field of Sufism. We see Islam as a peacemaker in the dialogue between the sacred traditions and we have hosted many interfaith events. Masjid al-Farah is home to the Nur Ashki Jerrahi Sufi lineage, which has roots in both Sunni Turkey and earlier, in Shia Central Asia.

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