Saturday, October 25, 2014 | DREAM, SLEEPWALKING AND AWAKENINGS: Ibn ‘Arabi on the Mysteries of Divine “Cinema” and Its Human Reflections | Lecture by James Morris

Virtually every author introducing Ibn ‘Arabi has highlighted his characteristic under- standing of manifest creation as a kind of divine Imagining (khiyal) or cosmic shadow- theater. But what does that vast metaphysical vision mean for us, for our experience of life and its dramas and transformations? Drawing on a few key passages from the key penultimate section (559) of his “Meccan Illuminations”, which summarizes the central teachings of each preceding chapter in that immense work, we shall explore the ways his accounts there of spiritual realization and awakening revealingly parallel more famil- iar dimensions of cinema and related arts in our own experience and cultural setting.

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