Saturday, April 14, 2012 | REGENERATIVE DESIGN | An Introduction to Permaculture with Julie Welch & Jorge Espinosa | 3 PM | Suggested donation $10

This workshop on Regenerative Design will cover an introduction to Permacul- ture and how through a fuller understanding of the way nature works humanity can achieve true sustainability by designing self renewing, regenerative, pro- ductive ecosystems.

Julie Welch is a teacher, gardener, student and farmer. She works at the Buck- minster Fuller Institute, the Old Stone House and Montview Neighborhood Farm. She is an apprentice teacher in urban permaculture in Brooklyn, New York and Northampton, Massachusetts and has an M.A. in sustainable land- scape design and planning from the Conway School of Landscape Design.

Jorge Espinosa studied Agriculture in Honduras, and is currently working on graduate studies in Integrative EcoSocial Design through Gaia University.

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