Friday, June 8, 2012 | SUFI MUSIC CLASS with Ahmet Erdogdular | 8-10 PM | $20 per class

This class will focus on developing singing skills as well as rhythms and improvisational techniques (such as kaside) used in zikir. We will work on familiarizing ourselves with the basic makams (music scales) through ilahis: find out what makams are about and how they can be recognized; and further, go over rel- evant rules of Ottoman Turkish Sufi music about using them. Attention will be given to voice and breathing techniques that help produce better sound quality. We will also work on ear training.

Ahmet Erdogdular is one of the most important musicians of the new genera- tion in Turkish classical music. He was a visiting scholar at Columbia University and City University of New York, Graduate Center Ethnomusicology depart- ment. Ahmet’s two latest albums Songs of the Sultans-Masterpieces of Turkish Classical Music and Niyaz-Sufi Songs of Love were released in New York and received worldwide attention. Ahmet Erdogdular graduated from Istanbul Technical University State Conservatory where he completed his master’s degree in Turkish classical music. He plays tanbur, oud and percussion and devotes his time to performing and teaching Ottoman Turkish classical music. He is president and artistic director of Makam New York, Inc a non-profit organization for Turkish classical music and arts.

*all proceeds from this event will go to the musicians.

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